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Top 50 Cities

Last week, Huff Post Travel Blog posted an article entitled, The Top 50 Cities to See in Your Lifetime. So, of course the first thing I did was click the link, review the list and  count how many of the cities I had actually been to. I'm happy to announce that I've been to 11 of the 50 cities on the list. I'm overjoyed to announce that I plan to increase that number to 15 before the end of 2014. Overall, this is a pretty solid list. Make sure you click the link and count the cities you've been to. Let me know your total in the comments and if you plan to add any in the near future. 

Reviewing this list got me to thinking.........I've been A LOT of places. I'm exponentially grateful for that. Sadly, this list of 50 places also makes me feel like a complete failure in my travel life. How's a lawyer lady supposed to see the world??? Especially when she has to exact justice all day? 10 days vacation doesn't leave much time for world travel. I haven't even gotten to half of the 50 on this list yet! Don't get me wrong....I've been to several other places that aren't on this list. But this is a comprehensive catalog of the TOP, MOST ESSENTIAL PLACES ON EARTH! These are places I MUST see during my lifetime! Life is short people, time waits for no man....I better get a move on. The biggest problem, however, is that I have to work to support this wanderlust of mine. Working takes up entirely too much time. Once I came across a quote - "I travel alot; I hate having my life disrupted by routine." - this pretty much sums it up. Shoot....I need to win the lottery or something. 

** Travel Tip: Travel over holidays. For example, I leave for Greece the Friday before Labor Day weekend. By incorporating the 3-day weekend, I was able to extend my trip to almost 9 days total....but I'm only taking 4 vacation days #winning

So, what's your top 50? Are there any other cities that would consider a must see? Let me know below. 

Also...if there are any places on this list you've been dying to see....start planning. I know most of you have vacation days you haven't used. Now's the perfect opportunity to venture outside your comfort zone. It may not be as expensive or unrealistic as you think. Even if traveling to one of the Top 50 isn't totally attainable, go something...make memories.....have stories to tell.

And remember, there's no where to go but get going!

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