What is a Venuist??

"Venuist"- pronounced /'venˌyo͞o - əst,ist/; noun - a person qualified to......  - Me, trying to be deep.

Let's be honest......Venuist isn't a real word. 

And...its actually something that's totally made up and could be difficult to understand. However, I think it's the perfect combination of things I do. I'm a lawyer and I travel...Here's the story:

As I was trying to figure out a good name for my blog, I recalled the word "venue".  For those in the legal profession, venue is a place in which events giving rise to a legal action occur. We request a change of venue for a fair trial.  So, I was like....that works!  Change of venue....I like to change venues...but my friend already had a blog called Change of Venue....so I couldn't use that. 

But then when you look at the suffix -"ist" it denotes an adherent to a certain principles, a person who is concerned with or practices something specific, is an advocate for a certain system or thing or perhaps is an expert in a certain thing. So, I put the two together and created the term, "venuist" - and I like to think of it as a person who is concerned with different venues, practices in the field of travel and is proficient in that field.  I am an advocate of traveling. I'm  constantly seeking new places. It's an attitude or way of behaving that involves, but is not limited to, gaining an advantage by travel, any advantage, and there are many. If nothing else, it makes you a better person.

Of course the process wasn't as easy as I make it seem but nothing really is and I really like the fact that it's a unique name that I came up with all on my own....and there's nothing out there like it. Believe me, I did the Google search. 

There you have it, I'm  a venuist with insatiable wanderlust, a fire inside me that cannot be extinguished and only grows with each journey. Through this blog, I will share with you my green eyed experience...and throughout this journey, hopefully I can truly become an expert.