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Agios Giannis - Mykonos (This beach will melt your heart)

Have you ever been to a place that just made your heart melt and your knees weak???

Welcome to Agios Giannis. A lesser visited area of Mykonos that will absolutely blow your mind. 

My iPhone and its panorama feature were really a necessity as you can get it all in one shot was just my good fortune.

Thanks to Elizabeth, we caught the bus to Agios Giannis to find a restaurant called Hippie Fish that she wanted to try. We walked down this steep driveway and descended upon one of the most peaceful, serene and beautiful coastline scenes that has ever existed. I had to stop for a second just to take it all in. As you can see from the above pic, it was one of the most perfect days ever. Not a cloud in the sky, the sun kissed the surface off the water and its reflection lit up the crystal clear water. It was as if God himself was shining down light, boasting on his beautiful creation. And He would be well within his right on this one. I've seen some things in my lifetime, I haven't seen them all, lie....this definitely makes it into my top 5. 

After I had a chance to snap back into reality, we found Hippie Fish Restaurant. Off jump, I was a little annoyed with this place. The host had us standing at the front of the restaurant for quit some time. In passing, he mentioned they were completely booked for the afternoon but the place was empty. Eventually we understood that he meant the tables at the edge of the patio had been reserved and we would have to sit elsewhere. Honestly, that was beyond reasonable. We still had an incredible view. 

One of my favorite parts was watching this older Italian couple having lunch beside us. You can see them in the pic above dressed in all white. Ya'll, I gotta find me a love like this. They were obviously wealthy and very much in love. The wife spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to take selfies on her phone. She snapped a few photos of herself, examined them and seemed to pretty pleased with herself. After she got the hang of it. she walked over to her husband and sat in his lap, took the straw hat from his head and placed it on her own and had an impromptu photo shoot right there at the table. What was so beautiful is that the husband seemed just as enthused about being there with his wife taking selfies all afternoon as she did. He grabbed her around the waist, held her tight and flashed a pretty white smile for the camera. I imagined that they were sending these photos to their friends and family with the hashtag #wishyouwerehere. Maybe the hashtag game was too advanced for them, who knows. Nevertheless. despite their age, they still seemed to be young at heart. When I'm 70, I want to be doing the same thing. Having lunch in an incredible restaurant on a beautiful beach in Greece, wearing all white and straw hat with no agenda...just enjoying myself with a man who shares my love for travel, can appreciate the beautiful things and just be in love...sigh.

Alright so back to the the food was incredible. We ordered hummus with pita bread and grilled calamari as an appetizer. Then I got the seafood pasta.Those things in my pasta appear to be shrimp but they look very different from any shrimp I've ever had.

I took a picture of the check b/c it was the first time I had see Greek written on paper while in Greece. I had no clue what it said...they actually could have been curse words and I wouldn't have known. The phrase, "it was Greek to me", kept replaying in my head.

After lunch we wanted to explore the other side of this small beach. And now...I'm gonna inundate you with my incredible photography skills and make you a little jealous. Above all, though, I hope I get someone fired up enough to go see it all themselves.












And here I am....just as happy as I could be b/c I witnessed it all  with my own two green eyes. I still can't get over how clear and blue the water was....


Up next, more scenes from the Mykonos Island!

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