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So this begs the question....what do I do, if anything? Do I forego this super cheap flight and buy another one on an airline that doesn't go anywhere near Turkey (especially since this layover in Istanbul adds hours of unnecessary travel time and considering the turmoil in its neighboring country, Syria)? Or do I do nothing and keep my original plans?

How Not to Miss your Interational Flight

For $300 or so, we would fly JFK to AUH....that's an incredible deal. Being the genius that I am, I schemed the rest of my travel plans, and in an effort to save money, decided to fly standby to LGA and take the short 20 mins taxi ride to JFK. I did something similar for China....and I was shackled on the way back home so I knew, I KNEW, there would be some obstacles, but nothing I thought. 

Travel is not some exclusive, elitist club whose membership is based on how many stamps you've got in your passport and it shouldn't be made into such a thing. It's not about how many countries you've been to. It's not about how many monuments you've taken pictures with. It's not about how many followers you have on Instagram.

As part of the pre-travel research (and I always do this), I tried to determine if it would be better to pre-book some activities. Pre-booking is good when you're short on time, when there's a possibility that excursions will be sold out and/or if you want to have some structure to your trip. I've also found that trip structure is key when traveling in groups larger than two and people who have differing opinions on timeliness, etc.