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Turn Up!!! Or Nah....Because I'm Sleepy.

I definitely cannot hang like I used to. 

It is quite evident that I am over 30. I've found some really long grey hairs in my head...they're the full length of the rest of my hairs. It's kinda creepy.

Even when I'm home....I no longer look forward to weekends as a time to go out every night. I look at it as a respite for my weary bones. 

I have to strategically plan a turn up nowadays. And usually, I only have a couple hours worth of turn up in me on any given weekend. So I preserve it for something good. I'm fortunate if I even follow thru with plans to turn up. More times that I'd like to admit, I will have made plans and then find myself being held hostage by my bed or couch and those plans get canceled. With no remorse. On those nights when I do make it out of the house, the festivities will likely begin early and I am usually in bed by midnight. Don't let me go home before the turn up is scheduled to commence. There's a 90% chance that I won't leave the house again. IF I go out, it's on Friday night and then Saturday and Sunday are days where I try to get my life back. 

Sometimes, I do get the urge to let my hair down. This mostly happens when I'm out of town though. I like to experience the night life in the cities I visit. It's always a different experience and creates tons of memories. Like partying in Lapa, Barcelona or Mykonos. The time some people threw ice at us in the club Paris...the awesome DJ in Sydney. Ahhh...good times. 

But alas....I don't always make it to the party....and that's happening more and more as I get older. My spirit fills with nope and despite my best intentions, I resign to sit down somewhere and put my feet up. Even those well-intentioned brief naps after a day full of sight seeing turn into passing out into a deep, glorious sleep then waking up thinking we were only asleep for an hour or so but realizing its really 3am. Then next morning I'm like, "Dang know I was down go but you were sleep so hard and I didn't want to wake you".

More frequently, this has been happening every night of the trip and then we're heading to the airport saying to each other, "dang....we didn't get a chance to party in ______(*insert name of city here*)! But man...that sleep tho".  Bruh, that sleep tho.

Both of those scenarios occurred in Vancouver.

During the days leading up to our trip, we made a firm resolve that we would and hit the ground running. We didn't mind that the flight didn't arrive until 10:30pm. We were so excited to get out of town and had heard so many awesome things about the city. But here's the reality of life: Our flight from LAX was delayed for an hour - but we were still ready to go out. We arrived, got on the train and rode it to the Waterfront stop, walked the two blocks to the hotel, checked in and got some suggestions on where to go, went up the room and dropped our stuff. I slid on some jeans and we headed out to paint the town red!

We stepped out into the fresh Canadian air, excited! We walked a few blocks.......we heard some loud 90's r&b.....looked at each other, made a united decision with no words uttered to turn back in the direction of the hotel. The excitement had worn off and the exhaustion set in. We stopped at the walk up pizza joint on the way back and collapsed into the bed shortly thereafter.  Not at all what we had imagined. 

something like this.

something like this.

The next day, a friend called a friend for a recommendation on a spot for later that night. After a full day of activities, we got back to the hotel for a little rest, just a brief nap before our night out, forreal this time. Y'all...I really tried my best to stay awake. I wanted to go out. Next thing I knew, I was waking up at 2:30am fully clothed, full face, contacts in and lights and TV on. What started out as a time to recharge our batteries turned into a full on sleep. I smh'd as I got up to wrap my hair, wash my face and then proceeded to get right back in the bed. This is truly #oldpeopleish. 

So I have to admit that I didn't party in Vancouver. We didn't do much partying in Spain either. There was a lot of intending to wake up and go back out that didn't happen. I know myself tho....that's hardly ever going to work in my life. 

I know y'all feel me. I'm sleepy now. 

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