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GEV's next Journey - Countdown to Turkey/Greece!

Countdown Clocks

It's almost time!!! I'm no where NEAR being ready! So much for that organization thing (::side-eyeing myself::). 

The only thing standing between me and my next excursion is a few work days and I have no motivation for productivity...I'm way too excited. 

Thanks Krystal....I was about to skip today's post. I want to go to sleep and wake up on Friday! I really can't believe that the trip is so close...I've been waiting for months. I feel like I'm gonna be visiting my own page and watching this countdown for a while....driving myself crazy.

Unfortunately, I have a million things to do at work before I go, just to make sure the place doesn't fall to pieces while I'm gone. But I'm having a really hard time focusing...if you can believe that (if you know me, you can).

I will say that I feel slightly accomplished b/c I purchased a swimsuit and a new pair of shoes and I kinda have a plan for everything else but we'll see how it works out. 

Elizabeth just mentioned to me that the exchange rate for the Euro is about $1 to 1.32 euros. That's not a horrible rate. If I plan to exchange $500 before I go, I'll get about 378 euros (when I see those numbers in writing it kinda hurts my soul a little).

I also plan to try and get in a workout everyday leading up to Friday. Keeping my body active the week before a long flight helps reduce the bad side effects of being confined on a plane that long, like swelling and stiffness. It'll also help me to get better rest. I need to watch my salt intake and keep my diet pretty healthy so no heavy meals the day before and day of.....that helps too. I like to be really hydrated so I'll drink up to half my body weight in water daily. I'll stay up late Thursday night so that way I'll be good and tuckered out come Friday night.

So...while I'm gone, I'll be posting videos and pics of all the awesomeness. I'm particularly excited to recreate all the incredible pics I've seen of Santorini at sunset, like the one below...look out for those.

Where and when your next vacation destination? Are you already excited? Tell me about in the comments? If you don't already have anything planned, September is a good month to get in one final summer getaway so tell me where you'd like to go! I wanna hear from you. 

**There's no where to go but get going! ~GEV

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