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My Fav Travel Deals!

Each week, I receive tons of emails with travel deals but I especially look forward to Wednesdays. On Wednesdays I receive This Week's Top 25 from Sherman's Travel and TravelZoo's VIP Edition: This Week's Top 20.

TravelZoo has just added pictures to their weekly Top 20 newsletter and I gotta tell you, I liked receiving these emails before but I love getting them now. I think that seeing a picture of a destination is one thing that can really entice you into clicking the purchase button. If a picture makes me drool, then I want to go. Unfortunately, I'm a sucker for a pretty pictures so most of them make me drool and therein lies my problem. I genuinely get frustrated that I have to work and can't just jump on the next plane to Bora Bora. 

Forgive my rant, I wanted to share the travel deals I saw this week that really stood out to me. I have a friend who lives in DC. Recently he mentioned that he needed a quick getaway. When people tell me stuff like that, I get all tingly inside...then I am constantly searching for ideas. When they forget about it....I'm still aside from window shopping (because I like to spend my free time planning trips that I'm not actually going on..lame, I know), I'm always looking for deals that I think will inspire someone else. 

I also think that Sherman's Travel and TravelZoo can read my mind. Whenever I've got a destination in mind, one of these two sites always has a deal. For instance, I'm trying to talk my friends into an Australia/Fiji trip for May 2015. The deal is not exactly what I'm looking for...but it gives me an idea of what to expect as far as pricing is concerned. I particularly appreciate the deals with airfare included, especially the ones with airfare from Houston. Unfortunately, the deals I find rarely depart from Houston so I have to fly somewhere else to get the deal. For example, I flew to Chicago to meet my best friend then we flew to San Jose, Costa Rica. I'm from Houston so you can see how that doesn't really make sense. At the time though, I was able to fly to Chicago for pennies. I'm doing the same thing for a trip to China. Flying to SFO first to meet my cousin and then heading to Bejing. 

I love the New Orleans and Las Vegas deals too. It's easy to get to New Orleans and its like going to a whole different country. Vegas is can truly just let your hair down and lose your mind there and then come back like nothing ever happened.

The Travelzoo Top20 newsletter doesn't doesn't get sent to my email until the afternoon but you can go directly to the website to find the deals. This one to Punta Cana with Air is amazing....and like I said, the pics get you every time. They've also got one for New Zealand....this is a pretty sweet deal for 9 nights. 3 cities w/ air as well......goodness. I need more time and more money.

At any rate, I suggest you sign up for these newsletter and any other travel deal newsletters out there. If nothing else...these deals can temporarily quench your daily wanderlust :) 

**There's no where to go but get going! ~GEV

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