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Houston Auto Show 2015

In 2012, I dated a guy that introduced me to the Houston Auto Show.

I had heard about and attended other car shows in the city but this is the legit show that happens every January and showcases all the awesome new cars from most major companies like Ford, Lincoln, Cadillac, etc. I'm partial to fine German engineered, luxury vehicles like Mercedes and BMW, but I still like to see what all the manufacturers have come up with as well.  I wouldn't say I know everything about cars...but I can name a few if I see them and they're pretty to look at!

Since 2012, I have been to every Houston Auto Show and this year was no different. 

My friend was able to score discount tickets for us and we were on the way to NRG (formerly Reliant) Stadium around 3:30pm on Saturday. The show is usually in town from Thursday to Sunday but since we work....Saturday was the best day.

We walked a green mile from the parking area to NRG Center and were met with lines, long lines all the way out the front door and masses of people in the lobby in every direction. You see, for a mere $12 per person, you can gain entrance to the show and partake in all the festivities....pretty good deal, I think. Seems like half the city of Houston had the same idea we did.

But...I don't do lines and fortunately my companion had the good sense to pre purchase our tickets. We skipped the line...and went right inside. 

And then....there they were...all shiny and new....elegant and sleek...beautiful, astonishing...and distinctive...each in their own right. 

We picked a starting point near the Alpha Romeo...a car I have never even seen in person before....whew lawd.....they knew what they were doing when they made this one in red. This car almost had me sweating...and there were so many people around it I could barely get a clear shot. Definitely one of my favs of the day.

Next, I went for the Corvettes........Corvette has come a looong way, in my opinion. They've always been fly but this right here....the red and the gray. Impeccable. 

FYI: I'm born and raised on BMW. In fact, my first car was a sky blue 1990 525i and I named her Bessie. My parents gave her to me when I was 17 and still in high school. We parted ways my freshman year of college but then sophomore year, I proudly drove her down to San Antonio and she was with me until I graduated. Bessie carried me all the way through law school too. Then on graduation day, during the hustle and bustle of the day, I misplaced the keys and never found them again. So that's about 8 years I had her and in 2005 she was 18 years old with over 175k miles. I put so much money into caring for her and she wasn't cheap either... and after I lost the key she stayed in our backyard, completely untouched, until about a month ago when my brother sold her on craigslist. At least he had the decency...pity get a pic and video of the tow truck carrying her away so I could see her in motion one last time. It all happened so fast. It was raining that day....the video was kinda epic too...capturing just enough drama to invoke one single solitary tear that fell from my right eye. 

Here she all her light blue glory...being loaded on the tow truck.

And here's the video he took....I thank God for my sweet brother for he knew exactly what this little blue devil meant to me:

He followed it with a link to this video b/c he's a clown: 

And actually...this was the first picture he sent me. An empty space where my little blue baby used to be. Taking up valuable space in the backyard...but all the time giving me life. This picture was what actually had me all choked up...

Anyway....enough sad stories. Now you know I love BMW so this little car gave me the warm and fuzzies. It's definitely too small for me, I'm kind of an amazon, but it's the cutest thing ever and looks like it goes really fast. 

I appreciated, but was unimpressed by, all the other cars I saw until I noticed a large crowd around this one....the Pagani Huayra. I know nothing about this car except that its beautiful and blue is my favorite color. My brother says its worth millions....

Watch what this man has to say about it:

Then we saw Jaguar:

Land Rover:

This Aston Martin:



And some others in between. I like the old school section. This year, they displayed old schools in the lobby as well. I like to get pics of these for my dad. 

Lastly....I enjoyed the paint on this Phantom. Turns out its a wrap and can be easily removed. Pretty cool.

All in all....nice little Saturday. Good time with a good friend and some majorly awesome cars. 

I've got some great adventures coming up. I know you're gonna love them!

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