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8th Houston Brazilian Carnaval of Colors

Its been a while....but I. Have. Been. So. Busy. 

Out there.....enjoying life. 

Since taking on the hobby of travel blogging, my life has been way more interesting. I've been exploring so many things! And of course I want this to be FUN for me and you! I want my experiences to inspire my readers to get out and do...if not the same thing I'm doing...then something more awesome and even better. 

Of course I'm still traveling outside Houston, but there are a variety of things to do in this city! You just have to look for them and be in the "know". There are good times to be had. 

So, when I saw the groupon for the 8th Houston Brazilian Carnaval of Colors, I immediately purchased it. Plus, if you've been following my blog, you know how I feel about all things Brazilian. 

This was the "authentic, annual Houston tradition of Brazilian Carnaval"....I couldn't go to Brazil this year so this was the next best thing, held at the Ayva Center. 

The night was filled with music, food, drinks and fun. We walked in, there was samba swirling around the room and people in every corner moving their bodies to the rhythm of the drums....just like the party in the streets of Lapa. I was home again. 

Of course the homies came with...they love a good adventure as much as I do. 

After a try at samba, which was a major fail (I can't move my feet that fast), we joined some of our other friends who managed to find a VIP area behind the stage....and since we were back there...we snuck onto the stage and took some cool pics as a couple danced kizomba then semba on the dance floor below.

Then the band came back on! They were beating the hell out of these drums while the lead singer sang her entire face off....the whole night taking barely any breaks. You could tell she really loved what she was doing. Sidenote: I'm amazed by the variation of colors of Brazilian people. They are just like African Americans or really any other race of people. I say this because, on the stage alone was a near perfect representation of the spectrum. The lead singer was dark skinned with an afro puff. The drummers were fair skinned, some with blue eyes and some with brown. It was all just so interesting. The more I learn about the culture, the more intrigued I am. 

The crowd was so hype too...such a great time. 

I was also happy to spend the evening with two of my favorite couples, and to get to celebrate the wedding anniversary of Courtney and the first pic below:

Then, we spotted this crew in their traditional Carnaval costumes and we had to get pics. Unfortunately, the photographer didn't take much care to make sure the pics came out well. I think he or she got too excited by the half naked Brazilians on the other side of the lens. You can understand

Man...I do some really cool stuff and this is just one example. Here's a few more parting videos:

**There's no where to go but get going! ~ GEv

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