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Night at the Museum - Art Crowd MFAH

On Friday, my friends and I spent a night at the, the exhibits didn't come to life...but it was lively nonetheless (ha).

I'm not a member of Art Crowd, but I attended one of their events as a guest on Friday in the Audrey Jones Beck Building of the MFAH. The exhibit is called Line: Making the Mark. <<<Click there to find out more about the exhibit. The event description read something like, open bar, some light bites, music and artsy activities - count me in!

Art Crowd, a division of the Museum of Fine Arts Houston membership, is a group of young MFAH members interested in expanding their experiences at the Museum. According to the description on the website, it's the perfect atmosphere for connecting with other young people involved in Houston's dynamic art scene. Idk about connecting (we met a few people but not tons) but it was definitely cool to have that different vibe. Typically, when I think of going to the Museum I think of a school field trip in a really quiet gallery...all you hear is low whispers, footsteps and creaking floorboards...people staring at the pieces with the appearance of knowledge....perhaps the stench of pretentiousness in the air. This was far from that...everyone was chill and having a good time. 

I'd like to think of myself as someone who can appreciate art. Not only the finished product presented on a canvas or manifested as a sculpture...but the artist's process intrigues me. I like to imagine the artist's inspiration and I'm curious about the thoughts that went through their minds...what lead to the strokes of the paint brush onto the canvas in front of me. Art evokes emotion and is thought provoking. I can respect a still painting that can have such an impact on nations and generations and the artists behind it all. Think about reformed the entire world during time periods like the Renaissance. 

Also, I like to write posts like this for people who say there's nothing for young professionals (black or otherwise) to do in Houston. Obviously, it depends on what floats your boat. But, I believe complacency overwhelms and if its not readily available, its easy for a person to think that the fun just isn't there. Fortunately, I have friends who are just as adventurous as I am so we are frequently finding new and exciting events in the area. So this was a fun, out of the norm thing for us to do.

As you enter the Museum, there's a large room with sculptures and a wall that contains the engraved names of museum supporters, which is a spectacle in itself:

To the right, was a room that contained artifacts from ancient Greece, Rome and Egypt.

Then finally, the exhibit itself:

Like the name suggests, the art was made mostly of lines. It was interesting to see each artist's rendition....never realized you could do so much with a simple line. But that's why I'm not an artist. 

Fun and different Friday night, huh? What exciting new things have you done lately?

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