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Solo Female Traveling? Hoopla...Travel in Twos!

Lately I've been seeing a ton of blog posts, articles, etc., about solo female travel and I have to say...nah. 

I don't really love group travel but I really don't love solo travel. What good is travel if there aren't other people around to experience it with you?

I guess that's one of the reasons why I started this blog, I get a kick out of infecting others with wanderlust. I know that sounds weird does something for me, and I think I told you guys this story, but to invite people on a trip with me and see them go thru the process of preparing for the trip...getting their visa, researching the destination and getting all excited...just like I do and all because I extended the invitation. 

I don't want to take a trip with a group of 10. I've done that before and I don't have the patience for it. But, I know that about myself so I'm good with it. 

But I want to have someone I know...a good friend or a boo or be there with me to take in the amazing sunset or who can read the expression on my face without me having to say a word.

I guess another reason why I'm not a huge fan of solo travel is, I'm not a people person. I like to keep to myself so I wouldn't be the type that would go out and make friends easily. Its not that I don't make friends easily...which is kinda weird b/c I do...but it takes me a while to warm up to people and when you're traveling, you don't really have lots of time. You kinda have to jump straight into it, ya know. I'm not a jump straight into it kind of gal. I gotta feel a person out and I've watched too many movies (i.e., Taken) to just walk up to some random and get to jaw jacking. Real talk, I will, but I would prefer not to go places alone when I'm at home....soooo...yeah. I guess when forced, I would but like I said...not really my thing. 

That's why its good for me to have more outgoing friends...the type of friends that will help me create incredible the time I was in Greece and my friend and I were in a club in Mykonos...or the time I got lost in Paris with another friend...or what about the time I went white water rafting in Costa Rica. I doubt I would be as adventurous alone. 

It's just not the same to come back from a week long trip and try to tell someone about all the awesome things that you did and saw. For me, it's better to have someone to reminisce with...over the phone...a glass of wine...or whatever. 

Don't get me wrong...I thoroughly enjoy being by home. And maybe some day I will take the plunge and travel solo. But, my travel appointment book is so full...I guess it's b/c I make this travel thing look like so much fun! Everyone wants to join in!

So...I travel in twos normally. Me and one other person that I know well who travels at the same speed as me. That way...I can reduce potential irritation....and that's the key.

Here's a few pics of my travels with friends (in no particular order) mind is flooding with memories. I'm not exactly friends with all the people in these pics anymore...but that doesn't matter. Those good times are forever engraved in my mind and heart. 

Krystal and I in Amsterdam:

Kiburi and I in Beijing

Elizabeth and I in Costa Rica

Kira and I in Denver:

Chabli, Shayla and I in Denver 2 years and 2 seasons later

Elizabeth and I in Mykonos:

Elizabeth and I in Istanbul:

Essence and I in Lake Charles, Louisiana: 

Kira, Ashante and I, then the Random Shot girl who photobombed us...Courtney, Krystal and I then Reggie, Fallon, Joseph, Kendis and I in New Orleans (4 different trips):

Elspeth, Anya and I then, Fallon, Joseph, Courtney and I in NYC:

Krystal and I, then Joseph and Kristen in Paris:

Rio de Janiero with Jermecia, Al, Aneika and Elizabeth:

San Francisco with Kiburi and, Krystal, Essence and Dani (two different trips):

and Vegas with Chidi and Erin then Krystin, Cory and Marcus (two separate trips): you can see....I love to travel with my friends! And I'll keep doing Look out for more pics of friend trips...coming soon. 

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