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3 Day Weekends = Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

3 day weekends are a gift from God wrapped up in the most delightful paper with bows and ribbons and glitter and when you open it up, it's filled with friends, sleeping in late, brunch, rooftop parties, beaches and sunshine. 

Not only is it an extra day added on to the weekend, but think about makes the following work week shorter! (unless the day off is Friday but you get the point)

That's not even the best part of a 3 day weekend! If you've read any of my posts or know my life at all, then you know that I live for a trip over a 3 day weekend. Last year I made wise use of two 3 day weekends and I managed to visit 5 different countries as a result (and I still had 3 vacation days left). On another 3 day weekend, my friends and I rented a house on Lake Travis. These are just the most recent examples.

I just looked at the calendar, there are 8 federal holidays in a year (not including Thanksgiving and Christmas but you can use those too) that give potential for a 3 day weekend. My boss is a nazi so of those 8, I only get three of those federal holidays off. And now that I'm realizing how few we get after saying that out loud......

Let me tell you why that's not cool for a second. On federal holidays, both the bank and the courts are closed for the most part. Those are the two, most important institutions that we deal with daily. In addition to that, the post office is also closed. So, when all three are closed, there's no money being exchanged, no mail being delivered and no hearings to Johnnie Cochran (if the glove doesn't fit.........). Furthermore, most of our clients also have the day off. So on MLK day, for example, we're usually sitting in the office looking at each other....the phone doesn't ring, we don't get emails......ugh. End rant. 

Got that off my chest. Anyway, my point is, a 3 day weekend is the answer to your prayers. If you book a weekend trip, imagine how you'd feel on Sunday at the moment you realize that you don't actually have to pack up and leave until the next day! AND you didn't even have to lost one of your vacation days. You're getting paid to have the day off and you get to chill a day longer!

But even if you're staying home....we all have that moment on Sunday when we remember we have to get back to the grind tomorrow and dread it. With a 3 day weekend, you can put that feeling off for a full 24 hours! Oh happy day! That's like putting on a pair of jeans you haven't worn in a while, they fit perfectly and you find a $20 in the pocket! What greater joy in life is there?????

Personally, if I haven't planned a trip to Australia or something, I use my 3 day-ers to hop a flight to visit a friend in DC or something. Coincidentally, that's what I plan to do tomorrow if the flights allow me some greatness. It's a good way for me to get out of the city for a while, see one or several of the friends I have spread all over the country, and get a change of scenery...recharge. I'm one of those people that gets real sick of the monotony of going to work then home, then work then home every, single day. 

Moral of this story: USE THE TIME YOU'RE GIVEN TO THE FULLEST. That way you aren't using up all your vacation days. Especially when you're only allotted a measly 10 a year......(I need to work on being self employed).

Get out there guys! ~GEV


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