Travel Woes - Bermuda Edition

So let me just recap this Bermuda trip for you guys. I gave you some real time reports of what was going on but I have to make sure you get the full story. It's pretty was like I wasn't meant to be great this weekend.

The Lights Festival! - Houston

You know how you see events advertised on Facebook or wherever and it looks like the coolest thing you'll ever do so you immediately contact the person you know who will be totally into going and think it's the coolest thing ever too?

Surviving 22 Hours in the age of 30+

It can definitely be done and I'm alive to tell the tale (now that I've gathered the scattered pieces of my life). Disclaimer: you will be exhausted at the end of the 22 fact, you may get exhausted after reading this post. Also, there's a chance you'll lose your voice (and perhaps a small piece of your soul) on the strip. Don't ask me how....I still can't really pinpoint the exact cause of my vocal incapacity. If you were watching the videos I posted on FB, you'll notice it started early on in the adventure....I just............I don't know guys.