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Blogging Ain't Easy

Keeping up with this blogging schedule situation is a mess. It's hard to manage being an attorney, with a moderate social life and blogging...I tell you. 

But I do it because I love it and that's the honest to goodness truth. I really love telling my stories. 

I love it because when I tell someone a story in person, I get to see that person's reaction...whether or not they laugh, if they're shocked, even if they get sad. I like to show my travel pictures to people too....again, I love the reaction I get from people who genuinely want to see them. Believe it or not, people do genuinely want to see travel pics. I try really hard not to be the guy that makes the slideshow and makes everyone in the office sit thru a presentation of his family's vacation to somewhere horrible complete with pics of the family posing in front of statues wearing fanny packs. Or like, hundreds of pictures of my face in front of different monuments....I mean, it's a good face and all but......boring.

Me and Chidi about to descend into the cave in ibiza, Spain.

I recently told my assistant a story about when I was in Spain and I literally had her in tears, she was laughing so hard. The incident itself wasn't that funny...I'll let you judge for yourselves in the next post. Honestly tho, I think she was laughing at my delivery. I have often been told that I'm really funny. Anyway, I think I am so there's that. I just like making people laugh...and I like to laugh. 

Idk....I think my stories are interesting. There's always something crazy happening to me especially when I go out of town. I can't recall one trip where there wasn't some crazy story I had to tell when I got back. 

But I think that's part of it, don't you? You have stories to tell....memories to recall. I think it makes me more interesting. Who knows. The conversation with my assistant led to her asking me where else I'd been....she hasn't been working for me that long and had no idea that I'll hop on a plane as often as the wind blows. I started listing places and her eyes got bigger as I continued. So now, I'm getting excited telling her about it because I see that she's getting excited too. At the end of the conversation she says, "You're like the coolest attorney I know". *swoon*

So I guess I can add that to part of my impact on today's youth? My assistant is currently drafting applications to law school. She aspires to be an attorney and she just told me that she looks up to me. ME?? Basically, my actions are inspiring this young girl. To me that means a few things, and this is just a few of those things: 

  1. I need to make sure I'm doing and saying things that will impact her and others positively. 
  2. I need to make sure she sees that it's possible for an African American woman to practice law, travel and do whatever she wants in life....there are no limits. 
  3. Despite what I may think about the legal profession and my career, I can't do anything to deter this young girl's dreams. I have to motivate her and help her in any way I can. 
  4. I need to continue to travel and write this blog, even though it is time consuming. My stories are doing something for someone. I'm confident that I sparked a fire in my assistant, I saw it when her eyes got big, and I hope I'm doing the same for my readers. 
  5. I am an inspiration. 

  That's about all the motivation I needed really.....just one person to say that what I'm doing means something to them, whether it's just an interesting story to read or it motivates them to get to clicking purchase links on airline websites. 

Aside from that, just when I have the motivation to write, my laptop decided to crash. So, it'll be slow going for the next week or so but you shall have posts.....specifically about my recent trip to Spain and whatever else tickles my fancy. Like this post, I just started writing and it turned into something completely different than what I thought when I started......that happens to me a lot. Must be a sign of genius. Ha. 


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