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Sushi 101 Houston

You guys know I'm always looking for something fun (and cheap) to do. 

I love to cook and try new I saw a Groupon for a Sushi 101 class and purchased it without hesitation. For $45 I would learn the sushi basics and have some fun.

So, on Sunday evening I got slightly lost while trying to find a suite in the corner of a strip center off West Alabama....then for the next couple hours, I was instructed in the intricacies of Japanese cuisine and emerged a skillful sushi chef. Not really but now I can make a mean California roll. 

I don't have anything to compare it to because I've never taken a sushi making class before but this was really great. We got tips, tricks and phrases to say that would make us look like legit connoisseurs of the sushi I can decipher the quality of the sushi, what the temperature of the rice means, the type of fish, etc.

I learned that sushi isn't the rice but actually the seafood on top, how to make sushi rice (which is really important), that there are an insane amount of Kit Kat flavors in Japan....and the instructor allowed us to taste this awesome flavored honey that's only sold in Japan. Did you know 95% of sushi rice comes from California? I even learned how to make Nigiri! and that it means "grab" in Japanese! 

The instructor is a well traveled, extremely informed guy. He's been to Japan so many times and studied the techniques there, he may as well be Japanese. Not sure I could have learned more from anyone more skilled unless it was Masaharu Morimoto himself. I honestly learned so many things and he made a daunting task seem relatively easy. 

There's more, but I don't wanna take away from the class itself. Everyone should go to Sushi 101 with Carl Rosa. I was literally so amazed that I was able to make things and it came out looking like the pictures you see on the menus in a restaurant.

Writing this makes me wanna go whip up a few rolls right now! Nah it's almost midnight....nevermind.

Here's the link to the Groupon and the  deals. There's even one on Travelzoo . It definitely worth it. Here are some pics:

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